ToDo-List & Ideas


There are things to do to complete UJO. Some ideas are subject to be discussed


  1. Currently UJO does not convert half precision floats and uses single precision internally. Half precision is especially useful when storing a large number of float values as for instance with data sets of 3D graphics. A conversion to half precision needs to be included in the final version.
  2. Stream support.
  3. Support for big endian systems.
  4. Add more examples and documentation.


  1. To make it as simple as possible for programmers on different platforms to use UJO, language bindings for popular scripting and programming languages are required. A python binding is already on the way and others will follow.
  2. Implement UJO libraries in other languages. We would like to start with JavaScript.
  3. More data types.
  4. Extensibility with profiles.